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Conditions of Care

What's included
  • Dogs and cats must be treated regularly for fleas and worms (in accordance with veterinary guidelines).

  • Dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations to be admitted for day care or boarding - kennel cough vaccine is not mandatory, but we advise a discussion with your vet about your desicion.

  • We accept entire male dogs, on the condition that they do not hump others, or mark in the house. We will turn away any dog that has a humping or marking problem, as it is unpleasant for other visitors.

  • We accept entire female dogs, except when they are in heat, or are close to a season.

  • We cannot accept dogs for day care or boarding that have shown aggression towards other dogs, or will not cope well being around other dogs. Any dogs we feel could put another dog in danger will not be accepted.

  • All dogs that are being taken out of the house must wear an I.D. tag in accordance with the Control of Dogs Act 1992 (info can be found at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/901/contents/made ).

  • All dogs that are with us for boarding or day care will be fitted with an I.D. tag containing our details, in accordance with our licensing.

  • All dogs must undergo a socialisation session with our own dogs before a boarding booking can be confirmed.